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"Ambient Deer" is the major piece of of my work of this era measuring 8 feet by 6 feet painted in acrylic and mixed media which were propelled by air brush and commercial house paint sprayer on canvas. The imagery was taken from several mismatched photographs. They include a large female "impressionistic" air brush study, a group of "more tightly projected" swimmers bathing in a mountain stream and hand painted deer that has been intentionally superimposed into the front of the work. There are basically 3 layers of reality creating a rather deep albeit artificial depth of field. The position of the deer is intended to create a quandary for the viewer, particularly if they are familiar with "the artists" work and assume he is intending to make a point. For all its implied eccentricity the painting is quite direct and literal. It is executed successfully as was designed to be viewed from quite a distance as is  the fashion of the large works of Seurrat or later Pop Art -Artists. Ambient Deer was shown in Maxwells in Hoboken in the spring of 2015 in a setting which is appropriate to the viewing distance required by the work. I hope you didnt miss it.

Ambient Deer 1 through 6 30"x22" mixed media on arches paper
1985-1990 Ambient Deer & other events