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"I have been a Artist for my whole life. My Collected works of over 50 years is archived here in detail for your enjoyment. The primary purpose of my art is a desire to express my thoughts and dreams as visuals and sound"

My web pages are divided into different periods -roughly based on chronology. I've lived in "forested rural suburbia" for over 30 years and the beauty and serenity of the country side is an inspiration to me. I've shown my work at The City Without Walls Gallery - New Jersey's longest existing independent art gallery frequently. I have participated in about 10 shows at CWOW since 1980.

In 2008 I had a retrospective show at Fairleigh Dickinson University of 90 of my paintings. You can see all the work & a video the event in the exhibition link or download a pdf of all of the work at the page.

Around 2010 I started working in the "surrealistic painterly style" I embraced around 1970. This 2nd visit to this discipline has turned into an exciting evolution. It also was a beginning of intimate figurative "portraiture". Much of what I have made of late is intimate in size with an emphasis on detail and color. I have made over 800 paintings & 4 handmade books of paintings Since 2011- 3 of the books were shown in the City Without Walls 2012, 2013 & 2014 Metro Shows.

In 2015 I showed 2 of my most important large paintings in Maxwell's Tavern in Hoboken. There were other shows in The Zufall Health Annual and in 2016 at Hanover Township City Hall.


The Scorge of the Empire!
To read "the Tales of the Golden Eye- my satirical conspiracy tale about Ignatz Treblich Lincoln click on the image above


I have made music throughout my life as well.

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