I have been making music for almost as long as I have been making visual art. My first formal music training was on the saxophone.  My first electric rig was  a Silvertone Amp and Stradalin Bass. In High School I played the bass with a fantastic bunch guys. We were called "Der Fleagons". But other life commitments got in the way & we went our seperate ways.
I loved the TV show route 66 & dreamed of buying a cool car & going off to discover America with my bass & amp in the boot. Well that didn't that happen.
Over the next 15 years I was busy with college & starting my art career. I grew to love painting & didnt play much.

But along the way....
In 1979 I moved to West New York NJ where I found a few people to play with. it was great....Totally experimental Canteberry type stuff. Robert Wyatt/Soft Machine/ Hatfield & the North...etc. & I bought a casio mini keyboard which I played extensively as the bass was now in bad condition
Around 1985 I got a Tascam 4 Track Recorder & a moog rogue. restored the Stradolin by replacing the tuning machines & bridge & I got new strings! I also refinished my old Kay acoustic- my 1st guitar.
In the 90s I got my 1st strat A Japanese Stratocaster.
I now have the
2 strats-the 2nd one is a Squire

A Yamaha keyboard with built in library
M1 Keystation 61 which accesses the Korg library thru a computer.

& The Stradolin & Kay acoustic play on.
IIve recorded hundreds of hours of tracks. Many of my original tracks worked very well as source material in the digital recording era. The Tascam eventually died.
I now have one computer that is dedicated only to recording my music and "song making" has become a pleasure.

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My most recent music is on AudioMack & BandCamp. Ive had over 30000 plays in AudioMack & Bandcamp is easy to navigate


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