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2015 was the 50th birthday for
my Stadolin Bass which I have had since 1965. It retains the original neck, pickup and electronics. The body has been "sculpted" from an upside down strat shape. The metallic blue color is new as are the tuning machines, knobs and bridge. The Kay acoustic from 1972 has been refininshed and has a new pick guard.

Ive made 4 new albums since 2015. They are all available and free for you to download at Https://blackonwhite.bandcamp.com

carousel-madrigal -this is a suite made of the album release- a unique continuous piece in its true character and

the-last-carousel-madrigal - the-other-side-of-the-hedge - vision-of-oblivion

The Back story:

I have been making music for almost as long as I have been making visual art. My first formal music training was on the saxophone.  My first electric rig was  a Silvertone Amp and Stradalin Bass. I played in a few bands some were great and sadly nothing remains. In college -I started jamming and sometimes recording with people. By about 1980 I had gotten a few interesting instruments and started my first recordings with 2-cassette recorders. Next I bought my first 6-string electric guitar and finally a decent "recording setup" a 4-track tascam cassette recorder. I recorded hundreds of hours of tracks. Many of these original tracks worked very well as source material in the digital recording era. The Tascam eventually died. But not before I added a moog rogue which I got by incredible luck in New York in 1985. I continued to add assorted sampling keyboards and percussion machines, two Fender Strats and a Gibson Sonex which was tweaked with a Demarzio Screamer Pickup and yes I still have the Stradalin Bass. I record my music now -on a Windows 10 Computer and still use the final addition of Cool Edit Pro. Ive tried newer programs but keep going back. Since about 1990 I have recorded with several other people on some material-primarily  David Wheatley and Tim Chambers. I continue to have an open policy of inviting interested players to join me for recording sessions. I've recorded over 800 songs and actually assembled 17 complete albums and hundreds of non-album songs. I've had considerable "internet chart success" on music web sites. & Incredibly some of my stuff is used as incidental music by the state television network of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. I do seem to have a small cult following in the former USSR region.

In 2013 I added a new room to my studio space for my recording desk. When my old pc died I switched to a new machine in the main room. Now the cubicle houses my keepboards. . This space is shown in the picture below on the left. I doubled up the keyboards . The rest of the room is an additional 20'x20' -so I have quite a wonderful spacious studio.

room view out

My music is available to free download at numerous music web sites.

My previous albums are:

blackONwhite 1988

The Rick Hoffman Set 1990

Perfect Tommy 1991

Frotage 1993

The Boom Boom 1995

Songs of Common Denial 1997

Dream Within A Dream 2000

Rejection, Humiliation & Betrayal 2002

Corduroy Hat 2004

Rag Devil 2006

The Secret Marine Band Sessions 2008

The Mote in Gods Eye 2009

These are only available by contacting me bkonwh@gmail.com



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my 2 Strats, Fender Sonex, and keyboards

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I had a show on Mediazoic Radio from 2009 to 2013. In June 2011 I was chosen as their "Creature of the Week". I also broadcast live 24/7 for 5 years on UStream TV.



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