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By the summer of 1972 I was moving to a more "expressionistic figurative style". These are typically painted on wood panels in oil and over time evolved to cut out low relief painted sculptural constructions including "found objects". The first of these was "The Cross Eyed Man Singing" which won a major Gallery Award in 1972 in Philadelphia. This encouraged me to work in this style for the next 10 years. My "self conscious awareness" of the window like canvas was met head on with frequent paintings within paintings, mirrors, landscapes in windows and occasional carved cut out figures glued on the surfaces.
When I brought this piece to Stephen Green, He said painting the figure was a waste- I couldn't understand this since his fame started when he painted a figurative and primitive version of The Ox Bow Incident. I spent more time in his classes than with any other instructor. He was more of a mentor than a teacher. Whenever Frank Stella his most famous student came to visit, I was invited. But eventually the "principles" of this style got really complicated with the self imposed sketches and studies and re-paintings of repaintings and sculptures from paintings with paintings etc.
Figurative Expressionist Paintings 1968-1971-
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