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When I was attending Wilkes College in 1967 -it became obvious that Art was going to be my calling. I studied 3 dimensional design under Edwin Orr and film making with Mike Stein. I  enjoyed making unique music with Jim Gallagher and Leigh Goodman & participated in Karl Knocklein's Multi-media Happenings and collaborated with David Koranda on some contemporary short films. To see our 1968 on this image

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By September of 1969 I left Wilkes College and continued my education at the Tyler School of Art where I learned how to paint properly. While at Tyler I learned much about color while studying with Richard Kramer, how to be an artist from both Stephen Green and Rudy Staffel, as well as the language of painting from Richard Callner. Chris Sublett taught me the wonderful skill of how to move metal. They were all very generous in leading me to develop my artistic instinct and how to actually make the things in my head appear in one media or another. While at Tyler I became friendly with with lots of fine artists including Pat Jungkurth, Paula Scher, Joe Spector, John Iaonne, Steve Soklin, and many others. After about 6 months there I painted the "Queen of Death". It was the first piece of art that really impressed me with what I could possibly do!
Surreal Paintings 1968-1971
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