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In 2010 I started painting human figures again occasionally. After my show at Maxwell's Tavern in the Spring of 2015 where I showed a 16-panel construction from my "Surreal Renaissance" I came to feel that piece was the culminating work for me in that style. The curator of that show also requested "Ambient Deer" be shown- which I felt similarly about in regard to my ambient period of 1982 to 1990. Seeing those 2 pieces together became a catalyst
for me. By the summer of 2015 I was only painting the figure.
2010- return to the Human Figure
After never being shown for over 20 years the 8'x4'"Ambient Deer" finally premiered at Maxwell's Tavern where it could be seen from the front of the restaurant into the concert venue where it hung on the back wall.
The new figurative paintings' are all roughly 16"x20" mixed media on paper. A visual device connects these stylistically to the "Surrealistic Renaissance" in that all of this new work has an edge treatment based on that style and the background content.
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