40 Years Later in 2010
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In the summer of 1971 I created one small multimedia piece for 26 days in July and August outside in my backyard. Each is on an 8"x10" construction paper. They are all done in pastels, ink, ebony pencil, dyes, metallic pens acrylic and gauche. Accomplishing this disciplined a body of more or less traditional painted work was very rewarding ....I decided to repeat the exercise again in 2010 - forty years later. This time they were 9"x12". Same media as above. Some of the original pencils and pens still are in my art bag and are used on these paintings as well. By the end of the pleasant outdoor season I completed 60 pieces. Shown below is a selection of the series. They are titled as the dates.

click on this image to see the video of all the pieces in the series. The work was started March 18th 2010 and completed on July 17th.


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